Local Electrician Mornington Peninsula & Southern Suburbs

Rees Electrics provide residential and commercial electrical contracting work on the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne's southern suburbs.

Electrical contractor Mornington Peninsula

About Rees Electrics.

Here are some of the qualities you should look for in an electrical contractor in Mornington Peninsula.

If you're in an emergency and you're looking for an electrical contractor, you'll see that there are many options to choose from. Unfortunately, many illegitimate and unprofessional people are running businesses and may not be reliable to fix electrical problems. There are many people who have been victimised by fraudulent businesses delivering low-quality services. You need to be very careful while looking for an electrical contractor. The best way to know that you are making the right choice is to make sure you know about certain qualities that an electrical contractor needs to have.

Always Hire Qualified and Licensed Professionals

It is always important to look for a certified or licensed electrical contractor. A certificate or license assures you of a contractor's legal and competent authority. You will be assured that a professional expert is handling everything related to your electrical wiring properly. Moreover, it will also make sure that the electrical contractor complies with existing safety standards and important laws governing such matters. It will also assure you of an electrical contractor's expertise and training related to the job. You will know that everything will go as planned and there will be no unnecessary problems. A stickler for rules and regulations, Ian runs Rees Electrics like a tight ship: no cowboys allowed. Ian's team of expert electricians are able to tackle any job, big or small, with speed, efficiency and quality. All of Ian's electricians are registered and safety is paramount at Rees Electrics.

Located at 12 The Boulevard, McCrae in beautiful Victoria, Rees Electrics has been a family business for over 20 years.

Always Hire a Contractor with Insurance

Electrical wiring and other such matters are sensitive issues. In case there are any problems, there is a chance that the contractor or your property may be hurt or damaged. When you hire an electrical contractor who is insured, it assures that you will not be responsible for any medical bills and other expenses in case of an accident. When it comes to medical electrical work, there is no better name in the business. Ian and his team have public liability insurance coverage of up to 20 million dollars to cover any accidents during or resulting from specialist medical electrical work. With over 30 years of experience, he's never had to put in a claim once.

Always Hire a Contractor with an Exceptional Track Record

An electrical contractor should always have rich experience and expertise. You need to hire someone who has an exceptional track record. In order to gather more information about an electrical contractor's track record, you can ask for some references and talk to past clients. This will tell you about the contractor's reputation in the market. There is one name in the Mornington Peninsula area that epitomises excellent electrical workmanship and that name is Ian Rees. Ian and his family business have been helping the residents of Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years with various electrical services from retail lighting and displays to LED installation. There is no better electrician suited to your needs.

Mornington Peninsula Electricians

Family based business in operation on the Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years. Free no obligation quotes provided for all electrical work.

Skilled Electricians

Only qualified & trained electricians used. All work is carried out in compliance with safety regualtions. Public Liability Insurance cover up to $20m.

5 Year Guarantee on all electrical work5 Year Guarantee

All electrical work and materials are guaranteed for 5 years.

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